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Obesity and Cardiovascular Disease in American Children

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ALHE4060 Research In Allied Health - Journal Article Review Form

This assignment gives your first experience of reading and reacting to journal literature in Allied Health Research. Many students never realize there's a world beyond the textbooks and so it's all new to them. You learn that in your specialty there are things printed every day that are new. You will have to keep up to maintain your professional competency. Journals are a resource that you can use, both here in school and when you get out in a professional situation. The assignment is carefully sequenced with clear due dates and instructions.

I believe that all of you, as future health care professionals, should be aware of how you can keep up on new developments in allied health and the issues that surround them. Therefore, the objectives of this assignment are to familiarize you with the available literature in medicine and allied health.

To meet the objectives of the assignment, you will:
• Read and study, in detail, one current article on a topic covered in class from any of the three journals mentioned above.
• You will submit two assigned journal articles as Discussion Forums, and you may submit 2 or more of your own for credit in ALHE4060. Ask the instructor if you wish to submit more than 2.

Details of What You Need To Do:
1. Go to the library and check out the issues of the journal. You can also use the Internet for a resource.
2. TIP: Most Journals publish a subject index in their December issue. This is extremely useful and convenient when performing searches on subjects.
3. Look through the selected article ass well as the rest of that issue of the journal and several other recent issues to get a clear understanding of:
4. what kinds of information is published,
5. what audience it is intended to serve
6. Whether references for further information are given.
7. Complete the Journal Article Review Form and submit by the due date.

To receive full credit for this assignment, you must answer all questions on the review form and submit it by the due date. Here is the information you should submit to your Research website:

Article__ _MR evaluation of acute abdominal pain in pregnant women __________
Title of Journal
______Applied Radiology_______
Volume___36___ Date ___Sept 2007 Page Number(s) ______________

• What organization is responsible for publishing the journal you chose?
Applied Radiology

• What is your overall evaluation of this article?

_____Poor ______Fair ______Good ____X___Very Good _____Excellent

• Why did you choose to review this particular article?
I wanted to know of other methods being used in today’s society to treat pregnant women who can not have X-rays. This article really caught my attention because I am currently enrolled in the radiography program and is also looking at specializing in MRI

• How would you rate this article as a tool for teaching a student about cardiopulmonary physiology, radiography, or another allied health specialty?

Students: ____Poor ____Fair ___X__Good _____Very Good _____Excellent

Teachers: ____Poor ____Fair _____Good __X___Very Good _____Excellent

Patients: ____Poor _X___Fair _____Good _____Very Good _____Excellent

• Comment on the readability of this article.
Article was easy to read if you are a student or teacher with some type of knowledge on this topic, but with as much information included it could be difficult for patients to read and understand.

• Course Topics covered:
Different types of abdominal pains that can be diagnosed in pregnant women for example: Appendicitis, Small Bowel Obstruction, and Acute Pancreatitis

• Brief Summary:
This article describes the different types of abdominal pains that pregnant women can experience and how the use of MRI can be used to diagnosis these patients. It gives brief summaries of each type of abdominal pain and a vivid description on how MRI works to diagnosis these conditions.

• Identify and attempt to explain three (3) terms, procedures or concepts that were unfamiliar to you when reviewing this article.
Gravid: being with child
Hypercoaguable: abnormally increased tendency toward blood clotting

• Detail the strengths/weaknesses of this article.
Very informational, a lot of details on different abdominal pains in pregnant women and how MRI can be used
Detailed pictures

• How might this article be useful to you in your further studies and career?
In the fact that I am looking into specializing in MRI once I graduate Radiography school this information is very useful now I realize that I can still help pregnant women who are in need

• Does the article include a list of references/citations that can be used to find more information on the topics they cover?

Your Name: ____________Cagney Bailey______________ Date: ____April 19th, 2008

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