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Obesity and Cardiovascular Disease in American Children

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Article: Autism and Food Allergies
Title of Journal
Volume___N/A__________ Date ______/_____/______ Page Number(s) _____N/A_________

• What organization is responsible for publishing the journal you chose?
Dr. Michael Berglund Pediatric and Family Practice

• What is your overall evaluation of this article?

_____Poor ______Fair ______Good _______Very Good _X____Excellent

• Why did you choose to review this particular article?
This was assigned by Dr. Masini

• How would you rate this article as a tool for teaching a student about cardiopulmonary physiology, radiography, or another allied health specialty?

Students: ____Poor ____Fair _____Good _X__Very Good ___Excellent

Teachers: ____Poor ____Fair _____Good ___X__Very Good ___Excellent

Patients: ____Poor ____Fair _____Good __X___Very Good ___Excellent

• Comment on the readability of this article.
Autism and Food Allergies was a very informational article. As a doctor Michael Berglund made this article easy to read, he eliminated big words that could be confusing. This article would be very helpful to parents with children that have been or that think their child might have Autism.

• Course Topics covered:
Autism and Food Allergies
Early Diagnosis
Research and Results

• Brief Summary:
This article briefly describes the relationship between autism and food allergies. It states that research has been done and results states that if food allergies are eliminated in the early stages of Autism, then it could be eliminated also. Michael Berglund states that he has evaluated children that have been diagnosed with Autism, ADHD, and hyperactivity and has identified foods that affect these disorders. He is proclaiming that early diagnosis is very important!!!!

• Identify and attempt to explain three (3) terms, procedures or concepts that were unfamiliar to you when reviewing this article.
I could not find anything within this article that I was unfamiliar with. I have a lot of food allergies myself and have taken an allergy test when I was little.

• Detail the strengths/weaknesses of this article.
Strengths: Had a lot of details, research and results that prove his findings, and easy to read.
Weaknesses: should have put the types of food allergies he found to affect these disorders

• How might this article be useful to you in your further studies and career?
I'm finding these articles kind of hard to relate them to my career only in the fact that I don't work with patients as close as physicians, nurses, etc. As becoming a X-ray Tech, patient contact is very limited, but I think the information is very useful as I become a mother or just as a friend to others.

• Does the article include a list of references/citations that can be used to find more information on the topics they cover?
The article does not give references or citations that can be used to find more information about Autism and food allergies, but it does gives links to other websites about Autism and the food allergy test.

Your Name: Cagney Bailey Date: 02-12-08

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