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Obesity and Cardiovascular Disease in American Children

Dr. Doug Vance
Me, Myself and I
Obesity Powerpoint
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Dr. Doug Vance
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1. After reading Dr. Vance's book, I was introduced to a huge variety of medical issues and interesting patients. This book was fun to read and was very interesting even though I did not expect for it to be. One scenario that comes to mind was the idea of Barter Medical Care. Dr. Vance settled for a twenty pound ham in exchange for delivering a baby. That just blows my mind cause you wouldnt expect a doctor to be brided with a ham. He also accepted sugar in exchange for a check-up. I bet people in today's world would love to go to the hospital and exchange food for services. Another memorable scenario was the story of Mrs Mena Paws and the surge of tingling warm sensations that ran aalong the spine. When asked to explain her situation, she said that the doctor told her she was going through the "Evolution of Life." This story was hilarious. My favorite story throughout the book was about Dr. Vance's colleague Dr. Daus. Dr. Daus got food posioning from eating at a restuarant with the "Special for Today's meals." The quote he used to warn people of this dangerous food had me laughing hysterically. "Stay away from Special for Today's meal; thats what they couldn't sell yesterday" will forever stick in my mind.

2. Dr. Vance differed from many of the doctors I know or encountered. Generally doctors examine patients with a series of questions to get useful information or symptoms that could lead to a diagnosis. Most doctors do most of the talking and the patients just answer questions, but in Dr. Vance's case its the other way around. He lets the patients say all the wrong things before asking questions and sometimes let the patient diagnosis themselves. The diagnosises these people make are very interesting and uses amusing terminology for the diseases they have decided they have. Dr. Vance is not one of the Doctor's of modern day America.

3. Some people do believe that Dr. Vance disrespects the people he talks about in his book and in a way I could agree with this. Dr. Vance refers to this people with nicknames that are associated with the aliments that the patients have. He also sometimes make the patients feel as if they do not know what they are talking about and makes them sound less educated and knoweledgable. The only thing is that most doctors of today do the exact same things.

4. After reading this book I would feel as if the family of Dr. Vance should know that he is a very experienced man that has dealt with many situations and different people. He seems to establish a relationship with all his patients which is a key thing for a doctor. He seems to be a very likable man and very knowledgable in many different aspects of health care. Regardless of how he came across to his patients, he was a doctor that one would love to deal with. I also would tell the family that I really enjoyed reading this book!!

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