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Obesity and Cardiovascular Disease in American Children

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Waking Ned Divine
1. ethical dilemma faced by Ned's was the winner of the lottery ticket, but he was found dead. This causes a dilemma for his friends; whether to cash in the lottery ticket or not.

Ethical scene is when Jackie and his wife first found out about the ticket, the dilemma was what to do about the ticket and Ned

Another ethical scene is when Michael and Jackie are in Ned'd house and they are changing his facial expressions. jackie wants to take the money but Michael is unsure about it. Michael is debating with himself

Ethical issue number 3 is when Michael and jackie are talking about the consequences they may face for taking the lottery ticket

Ethical issue number 4 is when the village has a meeting and they are deciding whether to lie with Michael and Jackie about the ticket

Ethical issue number 5 is when Jackie had to lie in the church and pretend that it was Michael's funeral instead of Ned.

2. Good characters: Annie, didnt want to participate with the lie of the lottery ticket once she found out Ned was dead. Finn, just wanted to be a good father to a son that was not his. Maurice: the little boy was very understanding and loving.
Bad characters: Jackie, was prepared to do anything to get the winnings of the lottery ticket. Michael: wanted to do the right thig, but also went along with the plan of lying for the money. The lady in the wheelchair is also considered a bad person to me because she is always trying to get over on people and eventually that becomes her downfall.

3. The money did bring the village together as a whole, and with Ned not having a family for the money to go to I think that the village did benefit from lying about the ticket.

The Sea Inside
1. I believe that assisted sucuide is something which can be useful in some situations. I think that if there is no way that the patient is able to survive and the patient is clearly suffering with no state of mind, I think assisted sucuide should be a perference. If it is clearly stated and drawn out it should be allowed.

2. Ramon thinks that the life he is living has no dignity and he does not want to be alive. Ramon considers normal daily functions as an impossible dream because he is a quadraplegic. Ramon is always looking into the future and sees his death near. He never wanted to think about his path

3. Rosa: thought his eyes were pretty and wanted to try and help Ramon see that his wife was worth living
Julia: she feels comfort in the fact that he is like her, she imagines herself doing the same things that he does and also wanted to be part of the assisted sucuie program. Gene was the third gurl I found attracted to him, but I think the attraction was more based on friendship

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